Monday, December 19, 2016

V Or Bunny Ears Or…Some Awkward Exit

I find company where no children live; 
laughing with barren mothers, admiring 
the shadowy trees my left hand shapes 
of fingers stretched at less than perfect 
angles - a sad cigarette dangles - drinking 
what is left of the best blood around town. 
Chasing a spark that may have never been 
lit, I follow my senses through the faint 
smoke in the endless fountain of city air 
& waiting for me is an old vacant stool 
next to a Rottweiler named Zoey & 
her handler for the evening. We were all 
cool inside of the sudden pressure as the 
barometer struck midnight (may someone 
help us if our lungs are lulled to sleep). 
This all plays across my fuzzy pupils as I 
felt the drool seeping through my left sleeve 
& Zoey was resting on my sleeping arm now, 
abandoned by a man she never quite knew 
(clinging to another that she never would) 

& as humidity forced my sudden departure, 
I tied her leash to her chair, frowned a smile 
& said "Don't worry. Someone's gonna find 
a way to love you" & flashed a peace sign 
goodbye, my arm still warm from the release 
of her thick broken heart, elbow to wrist 
and every sensitive spot in between.


  1. Oh my goodness, 1) Zoe(y) is my favorite name, and 2) This poem is flipping fantastic. You are an AWESOME poet, dude.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. I do appreciate them.

    2. ^ That's me, FYI. I change my name(s)/address(es) a lot.

  2. A short story in verse, no less. But now I want to know more about Zoey!

  3. There can be tenderness in disassociation. And bravery in knowing that another, here the lovelorn Zoey, may be better off without one's brand of disillusionment.
    Your postmodern style is always compelling.

  4. I feel as Rosemary does. An intriguing story. And, I too, would like to know more about Zoey.


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